Frequently Asked Questions

How long did it take you to see results?

I started noticing results around week five or six. It’s hard to see results right away in the mirror so I recommend taking progress photos, measurements, or paying attention to how your clothes fit/feel.

Did you count Macros or follow a meal plan?

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition along the way.. I started out using the plate method (1/2 vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 carbs) and just trying to stay under a calorie goal. Now I put more focus on a protein goal and micro-nutrients. I’m aware of what my macros are but not crazy strict about them.

What do you drink when you go out?

WINE! or tequila. or mezcal. I just make sure if I’m having it mixed with something it isn’t sugary. I’d rather drink cheap wine at a dive bar than let them make me a mixed drink with canned fruit juice.


What was your starting weight vs. current?

I started out at 130 lbs and I current fluctuate from 111-115 lbs. I get asked about this and calorie consumption very frequently. I’m always apprehensive to share because I don’t want others to base their goals around my numbers, but at the same time I understand the curiosity.

How did you stay motivated at the beginning?

Honestly? I bribed myself. I would tell myself that it was only 30 minutes of working out and then I could shower and sit down for the rest of the night. Or on days I really really didn’t feel like working out I would tell myself I could quit after 10 minutes if I still truly didn’t want to (which never happened, after I was moving I was always fine). By the time I got to the fifth week I never even questioned if I was going to skip a workout, it was just a natural part of my routine.

DO you have cheat meals?

I used to differentiate between normal meals and cheat meals but stopped about a year into my fitness journey. I hit a plateau after my initial weight-loss where I was overall smaller but not developing the “toned” look I wanted. I attributed this to my cheat meals. I would look forward to the weekend to have a cheat meal so much that I would go all out and it would turn into this cycle of eating horrible, feeling horrible, and not wanting to do anything. Now if I really want something I just have it and then go about my normal routine.