Apartment Update

Good morning! For those of you who don’t know, I recently moved to an apartment in Detroit. I’ll be doing an apartment tour once everything is finished (I STILL don’t have all of my furniture) but in the meantime I thought I would share what I’ve gotten so far and my most asked about items.


In the entry way I have this mirror and this plant on top of this cookbook and this one.

My living room rug is an old one from Home Goods ( I had planned on getting a new one but I’m rethinking it after how many people messaged me asking about it lol!) but this one is almost identical.

My couch is linked here - I ordered the full size in the Lindy Snow fabric but the apartment size is on sale here. Pillows are linked here and here.

I also have this ivory cement coffee table, this leather pouf, these gold barstools and this rattan credenza (my absolute favorite piece) is being delivered in September!

I tried to cover the most asked about items but if I missed something you want details on shoot me a message! xx